Senior Pastor Glen Mayeux
 Ministry Team
Pastor Danny Wright
Teacher Marandia Wright

Teachers Jacob and
Candis Leger
Teacher Susan Mayeux

Worship Team

Marandia Wright
Jacob Leger
Candis Mayeux
Malachi Mayeux
Susan Mayeux
Danny Wright
The son of church
founder, Rev. Lloyd
Mayeux, Pastor Glen has been here from the very beginning. He is a powerfully anointed and faithful ....
Jacob and Candis Leger serve as HOWC’s primary teachers of school age children. They do a great job in training the youth to step out in faith and in...
The wife of Pastor Glen, Mrs Sue is well versed in Biblical Prophecy and their ties to current Geo Political Events...
Pastor Danny has been part of the Heart of Worship Family for many years. From a lively lovable energetic church youth to a powerful ...
The wife of Pastor Danny, Miranda Wright serves on staff as our worship leader, a teacher, and ministers in the prophetic. She plays a big role in our media ...