18065 Legonier Access Road

Lettsworth, LA 70753

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Founded in 1967 by Lloyd and Ruby Mayeux, Heart of Worship Church believes that worship is more than something you do on Sunday morning; it's a lifestyle that you live and breathe everyday! We love the presence of God, and seek Him constantly, both in our services and in our everyday lives, while encouraging others to so the same. According to God's Word, He never changes, and even just one moment in His presence can change everything: our hearts, our situation, our lives! Everything can change when God shows up! Since the Word of God tells us that He inhabits the praises of His people, we say, "LET THE PEOPLE PRAISE!" and have an encounter with God that will be lasting touch hearts, and change lives forever!


Our services focus on hearing from God. From live prophetic worship, on-time words, and messages from our anointed pastors, teachers, and staff, to regular guest speakers bringing fresh manna, revelation, and insight, you are sure to leave filled, refreshed, and burning with a new fire for God in your heart!