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Welcome to HOWC-U!

If you're hungry to grow you understanding of scripture, this is the place for you!

This page gives you easy access to HOWC's most requesting teaching series. A virtual Bible University, free of charge and open to every hungry heart!


Just click the Series that you are interested in for a full listening of the video and audio teachings for that Class!


This Podcast is an engaging topical teaching series hosted by Pastor Daniel Wright, Teacher Jacob Leger, and various guess contributors. It focuses on sincere exploration of theological truth standing firm on the Bible, as the non-contradicting, inspired Word of God, from God. 

In this series we learn to pray effective, nation changing, hell shaking, territory taking prayers! Each day we will address a different foundational truth in scripture and pray in agreement with the Word of God for our land and loved ones. This series will change your life; and the way that you fight!


In this short but inspiring series we look at the God breathed history of our ministry by sharing the testimonies of the three pastors that God has blessed us with. Reverend Lloyd Mayeux, Reverend Glen Mayeux, and Pastor Daniel Wright. In a culture that is trying to devalue men and set up wrong concepts of what it looks like to be a leader, minister, family, and society in the minds of our children, it is important for us to share the testimonies of those who have done it right (both in scripture and in our lives) that others might see the fruit of trusting God's words, will, and character; and follow the lead of Godly men rather than the influence of a very prevalent antichrist spirit. To stand against the grain of culture has always been the commission of God's humble servants. Let us honor those who have as they honored God with their lives of sacrifice and obedience.

A series that takes you through an expository study of the foundational first chapters of the Bible. From creation to Abraham, understanding what happened in the beginning is crucial to understanding our need for redemption, what Jesus did and why He did it, what we are promised, and what He is restoring to us through the New Covenant. You can't understand where we are, or where we are going, until you understand where we've been, what happened, and how it all started. 


A very extensive study of Biblical prophecy and teachings concerning the last days, Tribulation, the Wrath of God, and the Return of Christ. In this series you will gain a very in-depth understanding of Eschatology, which for most people, is one of the least understood areas of Biblical Study. 

From Creation to Revelation, all of History and Prophecy is based on, and shaped by, God's Covenants with man. Yet so few seek to understand them. In this series we will take you through several of the major covenants in scripture, as we not only seek to learn their history, but where they are bringing us prophetically and eternally.


A great series on the "Names of God" that looks into the attributes and character of God by magnifying (Examining or looking closely at) His Names; as the psalms instructs us to do. In each message we see the origins of the name, what it meant then, what it means to us now, and how Christ fulfilled it as the Word made flesh and manifested among men. This series is very enlightening and awe inspiring.

A series on our eternal rewards, what they are, how to obtain them, and why we need them. The Bible mentions rewards in heaven that we can get for specific things done in this life. In this series we look at those rewards (or Crowns) and why they are important; and in doing so, get a glimpse of eternity that is rarely taught or even thought off in our Christian walk of faith. 


In this series we look at what the bible says will hinder our prayers, as well as what will enhance them. We also look at several different ways that we can pray for different situations as the Spirit Leads. Does the way that we pray make a difference? Dig into the scriptures an find out with us!

In this series we examine the Seven Spirits (are Characteristics) of God mentioned in the Book and Revelations. Looking deep into what they are, and what happens to a person or church (according to scripture) that lacks these important aspects of the Holy Spirit. 

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