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Rightly Dividing

This Podcast began as a vision that the Lord gave Pastor Daniel Wright many years prior to launch.  Its focus is sincere exploration of theological truth standing firm on the Bible, both as a whole from start to finish, and as the non-contradicting, inspired Word of God, from God. Also, when applicable and available, the interpretation of the Bible in its fulness, using known historical and archeological evidence giving a clearer picture of the textual context as it was intended to be understood when it was written.


EP 1 "Introduction"

EP 2 "Hermeneutics"

EP 3 "The History of the Bible"

EP 4 "Tattoos and Piercing"

EP 5 "The Bible and Slavery" (Part I)

EP 5 "The Bible and Slavery" (Part II)

EP 6 "Suicide"

EP 7 "Judging" (Part I)

EP 7 "Judging" (Part II)

EP 7 "Judging" (Part III)

EP 8 "Predestination"

EP 9 "Filthy Communication"

EP 10 "Denominationalism"

EP 11 "The Rapture"

EP 12 "Halloween & Christianity"

EP 13 "The Biblical Feast"

EP 14 "The Three Baptisms"

EP 15 "Arminianism vs. Determinism"

Thank you for checking out our Rightly Dividing Podcast Study series! Don't stop there! Be sure to go back to the HOWC-U page and go deeper into the word of God with an other Topical Teaching Series!

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