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In this short but inspiring series we look at the God breathed history of our ministry by sharing the testimonies of the three pastors that God has blessed us with. Reverend Lloyd Mayeux, Reverend Glen Mayeux, and Pastor Daniel Wright. In a culture that is trying to devalue men and set up wrong concepts of what it looks like to be a leader, minister, family, and society in the minds of our children, it is important for us to share the testimonies of those who have done it right (both in scripture and in our lives) that others might see the fruit of trusting God's words, will, and character; and follow the lead of Godly men rather than the influence of a very prevalent antichrist spirit. To stand against the grain of culture has always been the commission of God's humble servants. Let us honor those who have as they honored God with their lives of sacrifice and obedience.

Honoring Godly Men

Christ Our Covering

Instruct Thy Children (Rev. Lloyd Mayeux)

From Humble Beginnings (Rev. Glen Mayeux)

Unto The Lord (Pastor Daniel Wright)

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