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Rightly Dividing

This Podcast began as a vision that the Lord gave Pastor Daniel Wright many years prior to launch.  Its focus is sincere exploration of theological truth standing firm on the Bible, both as a whole from start to finish, and as the non-contradicting, inspired Word of God, from God. Also, when applicable and available, the interpretation of the Bible in its fulness, using known historical and archeological evidence giving a clearer picture of the textual context as it was intended to be understood when it was written.


EP 1 "Introduction"

EP 2 "Hermeneutics"

EP 3 "The History of the Bible"

EP 4 "Tattoos and Piercing"

EP 5 "The Bible and Slavery" (Part I)

EP 5 "The Bible and Slavery" (Part II)

EP 6 "Suicide"

EP 7 "Judging" (Part I)

EP 7 "Judging" (Part II)

EP 7 "Judging" (Part III)

EP 8 "Predestination"

EP 9 "Filthy Communication"

EP 10 "Denominationalism"

EP 11 "The Rapture"

EP 12 "Halloween & Christianity"

EP 13 "The Biblical Feast"

EP 14 "The Three Baptisms"

EP 15 "Arminianism vs. Determinism"

EP 16 "Alcohol & Christianity"

Thank you for checking out our Rightly Dividing Podcast Study series! Don't stop there! Be sure to go back to the HOWC-U page and go deeper into the word of God with an other Topical Teaching Series!

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